Wednesday, February 27, 2008

More Law School News

This is Justin again, updating my law school acceptances:

Northern Illinois University -- waitlisted
University of Idaho -- accepted
St. Mary's School of Law -- accepted
Washburn -- accepted

No kickin' scholarships from either of these schools, so I think that's made the decision to go to SIU a lot easier.

Still haven't heard from:

St. Louis University ($35,000/year tuition, and no chance at a scholarship)
Mississippi College (It's in Mississippi. . .what was I thinking?)
Texas Wesleyan

Not that it really matters. I'll be sending in the seat deposit to SIU soon. Idaho is one place I was strongly considering, but they didn't offer me a scholarship. Tuition is still low there, but not when compared to almost free at SIU.

I applied at a lot of places because I didn't want to be in the awkward position of having no acceptances, or just one acceptance. Looks like, barring one of the three schools I haven't heard from giving me an insane scholarship that covers tuition plus a living stipend, I'll be a Saluki in August.


Jacob and DeaAnna said...

Congrats again! We will miss you guys, but we still have some time right? Anyway, talk to you soon.

The Woolner Family said...

You should think about Idaho some more. How can you put a price on friendship?

Justin said...

One of my goals is to graduate law school with as little debt as possible. Southern Illinois makes this possible, and Idaho doesn't. If they offered me a similar scholarship, I'd have a more difficult choice to make.

Idaho is a decent school, but they make you pay out-of-state tuition for an entire year (20k/year). SIU's waiting period is only six months, and we'll be getting that rate from the beginning (using in-laws' address to establish residency). So the total tuition at SIU I'll owe is around $8,000, and the total tuition I'll owe if I went to Idaho is around $40,000.

Kamarah, Frank & Maelee said...

Awesome news!