Thursday, November 29, 2007

Diaper Bag poll and other cool stuff...

Some fun things that happened this week...
1. Justin went to the mailbox and found this...

Hip, hip hooray!! I am so proud of you baby!!!

2. I went to Marshall's across from Scottsdale Shea this week after a class and found a Fleurville Diaper bag that retails for 150+ for $49.99. Being the thrifty minded woman I am, I snapped it right up. I told my husband about said bag and after seeing it this was his reaction...

(Me) Hi honey, after working so hard this week, I went to Marshalls like you told me to buy you expensive clothes, but seeing as how the last diaper bag I purchased was 5.99 at Walmart, I was wondering if I could keep this very quality made diaper bag so that I can better care for our child??

(Justin) Woman!!! How many times have I told you not to think!!! Leopard print!! What is this 1980?!? Who would buy crap like that?

(Me) I'm sorry sir, I only want to make you happy...

Ok, Ok, I may have embelished this exchange, but the leopard print comment is pure Justin.

So, in the spirit of fairness, I have decided to post a poll to determine the fate of this bag. I will post several pictures, please enter the poll or write comments so I can prove my husband wrong. :)

3. I responded to my friend DeAnna's blogspot challenge, so here it is :

"I will send a handmade gift, treat, etc. to the first three (3) people who leave a comment on my blog requesting to join this PIF exchange."

What this means is I will make you a homemade treat or craft but you have to copy and paste this on your blog for you to do. The time line on this is by Christmas! What a fun idea and a cool way to give to others!!

The first 3 people to leave me a comment will get an awesome, Sara Lines' treat! Merry Christmas!!!

Tuesday, November 27, 2007

It's Christmas Time...

Ah, Christmas, the smell of pine and cinnamon fills the air...bright lights twinkle and the sounds of sleigh bells and screaming children in the mall...

As you can see Jackson enjoyed his visit with Santa Claus! We then went to build a bear and Jack made a monkey named Chongo (for all those that are not fluent in espanol, that means "monkey"). He had a great time.

I got my Christmas tree will be a hard Christmas, it was really difficult seeing all of the ornaments for Emma-her baby ornament, the special "Emma" snowman, etc. but it will be nice making memories with Jack in his first Christmas. He is going to be spoiled rotten! I also know that we have a special little angel looking out for us now, it is just really hard not to miss her little impish smile and giggle and sweet kisses and the way she would lay her head on my shoulder and pat my arm. I miss you baby! If you think of it, send some prayers and good thoughts my way-I could use them right about now. We love you all and I am grateful the Lord has provided us with an amazing family and special friends during this challenging time. That is truly on of God's greatest blessings in my life right now-may the spirit of Christmas and the gift of the gospel light our lives this Christmas instead of retail and packages.

I promise not to have depressing posts anymore...Love you all. Here is a picture of our glorious tree! Merry Christmas!!

Saturday, November 10, 2007

Zoo Day

Today was Jackson's first official visit to the phoenix zoo. Here is a picture of what he was like most of the day...

Since today was Mommy's work party we marched on and went to the Children's Zoo, to pet goats and posed with Mommy and Daddy on the tractor. Jackson especially enjoyed the squirrel monkey open air exhibit where 5-6 monkeys were in the bush right in front of him.

Here is a picture of Jack after a nap, tylenol and no pants (he hates clothing). Much improved! (If you notice carefully, he is standing by himself-such a big boy!)

Wednesday, November 7, 2007

Balloon, Balloon (in french accent)

We went out to dinner at sweet tomatoes and Jack got his very own balloon. It was love at first sight!!

Happy Halloween!

Jackson was a lion for halloween and Mommy was the zoo keeper. I was up until 3 am the night before finishing the mane on his costume, but it was well worth it, he looked adorable and was the cutest lion/baby ever! Daddy had class so didn't get to go trick or treating, but we had a good time anyway. We also visited a pumpkin patch and Jack got his own little pumpkin!