Thursday, June 25, 2009

Sara and the Terrible, Horrible, No good, Very bad day

Hey there blogging buddies. Just having a rough day and could use some words of encouragement. Nothing major going on, just the same struggles. I am tired. I try so hard to be positive, and fun and look for the silver linings, but right now it doesn't seem like the linings are all a yucky, poopy color. I have tried to endure the trials I have been given with minimal complaining and to "put my big girl panties on and deal with it" but I am kinda feeling like what is the point anymore? I have two beautiful kids, and a handsome loving husband, and the gospel and that should be enough. Most of the time it is. But not today.
I am tired of struggling. Money, this job, my weight, balancing my kiddos with this new job, losing Emma, getting used to a new place, sick kids (that is right, Jackson has pneumonia, again, and Madilyn has a sinus infection and eye infection) and lastly, ouchy bad knees. Why? I look at everyone else's life and it looks really good right now. I have tried to be a good person, tried to do whats right, tried my hardest. I really have, and despite my best efforts I am just treading water today. Tomorrow will be better. It always is. But if anyone has any kind, encouraging words, or if you just want to tell me how great I am and how things will be ok, feel free. I could use them.
PS. Jackson is doing great with going pee in the potty, but I am having a hard time getting him to go poop. Any secret voodoo Mommy tricks? I am not above bribery, but so far that hasn't worked.