Thursday, April 10, 2008

Baby Names

Justin and I have been talking about names for this new project of ours to debut in October, and I started thinking about all the lame names that I had thought of for my kids when I was 12. Hmmm... Daisy Meadow, Sunshine Daydream, Regean Martinella. I also thought it would be cool to name my daughters Summer, Winter, Autumn and Spring. I was kind of going through a hippy, nature thing at the time. For the lucky little men, I thought Hunter Strong (gag-Strong as a middle name?) and Richard Lee (please don't ask about this semi- normal name...It may be related to a boyfriend I had at the time.) After reading this comprehensive list, I am now thinking how many kids did I think I was going to have? I would have had to give birth in litters!
I know everyone did this when they were younger, so 'fess up girls...what are the lame names you were going to saddle your kids with? The lamest or most um, creative name wins a special prize yet to be determined. Leave them as comments...I bet everyone could enjoy a good laugh. Will post some fun pictures of Jacks soon. Love you all.