Friday, February 15, 2008

Justin's Law School Update

Hey everyone,

This is Justin posting the latest law school acceptance news.

Phoenix School of Law -- accepted
Southern Illinois University -- accepted with great scholarship
California Western School of Law -- accepted with okay scholarship
University of Idaho School of Law -- accepted, no word about scholarship
Gonzaga University School of Law -- rejected

I still haven't heard from the following schools:

St. Louis University
Northern Illinois University (after the school shooting this week, not really wanting to go there)
University of Missouri at Kansas City
Texas Wesleyan School of Law
St. Mary's School of Law
Washburn University School of Law
Mississippi College School of Law

Yeah, I applied to a whole bunch of schools. I was quite nervous about getting accepted anywhere with my horrible, terrible, not-so-great GPA. It looks like my LSAT score has more than made up for it everywhere but Gonzaga right now.
California Western FedEx'd me a letter today explaining that they wanted to pay for airfare and put me up in a hotel in San Diego for a weekend while they tried to sell me on going to their school. Free weekend in San Diego? Awesome.