Sunday, September 28, 2008

Madilyn Dee Lines

Here are some pictures of the sweetest little girl in the entire state of Illinois and her big brother who is in love with her!
This is Madi only minutes old.
In the nursery, isn't she sweet?

Sunday, September 21, 2008

Bah Humbug!

Apparently contractions that are 5-7 minutes apart, regular that last over 24 hours is not "real" labor. It took me two visits to OB triage, several cervical checks (which involve people's fingers in my delicates) to tell me that because my cervix is not dilated I am not in real labor. I didn't realize that regular contractions that wake you from your sleep is not actual labor. I have been told that I should come back in if things change (what does that mean?). The only thing I can think of is that I am supposed to instictively know that I am dilating. If it sounds like I am bitter is because I am. I just have to say I am not impressed with the nurses, the doctor I saw (I waited for 3 hours for but saw for only 2.5 seconds) or with the hospital itself. Still no baby. I was also told that if I was 39 weeks, they would perform a c-section without hesitation, but 37 weeks and 5 days would mean the baby is premature and would assuredly be in the NICU (Isn't 36 weeks a term pregnancy?) and that if I want a c-section early I am being selfish and do not want what is best for my baby. =(
Stick a fork in me, I am done.
Looks like I have 13 days of continuous contractions ahead of me before I can have the privelege of being filleted open and having the baby surgically removed from me. Lucky me.

Thursday, September 4, 2008

Hello World Wide Web and new pictures!

To celebrate and commemorate the installation of the internet into my house and my newfound ability to communicate with others I have written this haiku:
Hello world wide web

Oh how I have missed you so

You make me happy
This past week, we went to the DuQuoin State Fair where Jacks got to pet animals, ride a train and ride the merry go round as well as eating of delicious funnel cake. We went on 'Family Day' so we got in for free and had no parking. Justin and I enjoyed a delicious free barbeque supper courtesy of the Illinois Republican Party. Thanks John McCain... We had a great time.

Then we spent Labor Day weekend in St. Louis with my folks. We went to the Anheizer Busch factory for a tour-it was the only thing Ryan wanted to do while in St. Louis so we all obliged. It was actally neat seeing the whole process of what goes into making beer and all the historical buildings. Justin and I high fived when the tour guy talked about the"dark and sober days of prohibition." The best part was the free pretzels and soda after the tour. The worst part was when I almost vomited because of the smell of beer in the fermenting room. Afterward we had a delicious spagetti dinner at Old Spagetti Factory. All in all it was great. I am also posting pictures of Jacks' favorite hat. He even wears it naked. It is really cute and I figured that I need some embarassing pictures for his future dating endevors. Tee hee...

Oh by the way, I think Justin is in love with another woman named Sarah Palin. She is all he has been talking about, I am starting to get jealous. No, seriously though, she is actually making me excited about politics.

Petting Zoo...... Fun Free Sodas and Pretzels at the Factory tour, YUM!

Safari Jack.... Petting a "Cow" outside the restraunt