Tuesday, November 25, 2008

Thanksgiving Reflections

My camera is currently at my folks house, so no new pictures but I will put some up when we get back. Don't skip past this post though, you might be mentioned...With Thanksgiving coming up, I am finding myself thinking about all my blessings in my life. Here is the short list:

1. My Husband- Baby, we have gone through more in the last four and a half years than many couples go through in a lifetime. I just want you to know how grateful I am to you. You make me laugh and I love that you know exactly how to make me laugh. You are an amazing father, seeing you with our beautiful children makes me melt. The way you have been so dedicated to doing well in law school is inspiring and I know you do it so you can provide for our little family. I love the way I feel safe when I am in your arms and love how you get me. I am lucky that I get to be with my best friend for all eternity. I look forward to it. Kisses Smoochiekins :)
2. My beautiful babies- I have lucked out with not one but two of the most amazing little girls and an amazing son. Not only are they immeasurably gorgeus and smart but teach me so much about life. I have learned more in the last three years being a mother than in my whole life. I am so lucky that God has entrusted me with his chosen spirits and I hope that I am living up to that. Emma- I struggle to find words to tell you what you have meant to me. I will live my entire life so that I will be worthy to be your mother again. Your bright little spirit has illuminated my life and it is really hard to not be around your little spirit any more. I miss you so much my little chicken and I will never stop loving you. Jackson- You were sent to me for a reason. You have been my sunshine in dark times, and it has been so fun watching you turn into this funny, caring, independent little boy. You are so great with your little sister and you love making us all laugh and smile. I look forward to the future with you and seeing the choice man you will become. Madilyn- You have only been with us for the last 8 weeks, but our family was not complete without you. You always have a smile and coo for your mama even when you are sick. I can already tell what a gentle, loving soul you have. I am so grateful God blessed us with you and so exicted for years of pink and hairbows again.
3. My family-Mom-You are the greatest. You have served as an example of grace and love to me my whole life and I want to be YOU when I grow up. Daddy- You set a high bar for the type of man I wanted in my life. Nothing makes me happier than making you laugh so your belly shakes like a bowl full of jelly. Kamers- Love you. You were my first best friend and taught me about loyalty and love. You have unshakeable faith and it is such an example to me. Ryan- You make me laugh and not take myself to seriously. Dan- It has been fun getting to be your friend as we get older. It is amazing to see what a great Daddy you are and makes me proud to be a part of your life. Cristi- You never let life get you down. You have worked so hard to finish school and have a career to be proud of. I am really proud of you. PJ- You are such an example of integrity. I see the environment you go to school in and I am constantly amazed by how you handle the pressures you face. Keep your testimony strong!
4. My married into family- Rachel- You are not just a sister in law, you have been a sister. I feel like I grew up with you too. I am amazed by the trials you have gone through and how you have not only passed through them, but flourished. You are truly my Indian Spirit Sister. Brianne- I lucked out not only when I married Justin but also when you became part of my family. I treasure your friendship and miss you and my adorable nieces and nephew so much. Paul and Cindy- I have come to appreciate you so much. thanks for all your support.
5. Cute nieces and nephews-in alphabetical order...Brennan, Claire, Devon, Isabella, Lily, Lilly-ok not truly my niece but feels like it..., Nathan. Wish we could see you more...Your cousin's love you! Also mentioned not really niece/nephew but cousin's kids- Jacob and Elara.
6. Fabulous Friends-DeAnna-love and miss you. Miss our girls day outs and Sprinkles cupcakes. Miss our shared love of the Scottsdale mall and your never ending love and support even when I am a bad friend and don't call you. Thanks for being patient with me. Chad and Amber-you have been amazing supports to Justin and I am glad to have your friendship now. (I am limiting this list to those who actually read and look at my blog, plus this is getting really long)
7. Great shoe collection- Oh shoes-through pregnancy and nursing, through gaining and losing that same 10-15 lbs you never let me down like my jeans. You always look good and always fit perfectly.
8. Moose you have been a faithful and loving companion for my whole adult life.
9. A good sense of humor
10. Health-as I sit holding my sick snuffy little girl, I am grateful for 0ur families health-most of the time.
11. New friends
12. Being a natural blonde. Blondes do have more fun. If you aren't one, you will have to take my word.
13. Diet Dr. Pepper-you are there for me after a hard day and you don't give me any additional calories.
14. The gospel-especially the temple
15. My education and career. Not working has made me appreciated how lucky I have been to be able to work in the medical field. It is awesome having the knowledge to be able to assist in healing and saving lives.
16. This country and our freedoms. Pray for our elected leaders-heaven knows, they will need the help...
17. Finally I am grateful to have a loving Heavenly Father and Jesus Christ. It is difficult to see the plan all the time, but I am grateful for the knowledge that there is a plan. I am grateful for the promises and blessings I can have if I keep up my end of the bargain. I know that we have been guided in our life and I am thankful for the blessings we have recieved.

I just want to let all know how much you all have touched my life. Hopefully you can reflect this week and make your own list. It is amazing how much we all have been blessed with and writing them down makes us realize how much we have. Have a healthy and happy Thanksgiving. Try not to overeat!
Love, Sara