Sunday, February 22, 2009

Jackson is two cool!

Ok, just one picture. Tickles do NOT make her smile...
This bowl aint big enough for the both of us...
Jackson and his "Mimi"
The Elmo cupcake cake... Cool eh?

Mommy helping Jackson blow out his candles
Making valentines for Mommys

Well, we officially have a two year old in our house now.  Jackson is an amazing little boy and it is awesome to see how he is changing.  He has the funniest sense of humor and is up for anything.  He love, loves his baby sister and wants to be a big helper.  Jackson is starting to talk so much more and is now repeating the last word that you say like a parrot.  I have had a little fun with that... He is currently obsessed with changing clothing and accessories.  Jacks routinely walks around the house wearing his church tie, hats or snow boots.  He is starting the potty training process this week and is doing amazing! He goes peepee really well and we are trying to get #2 on the potty also.  I wasn't even going to start potty training, but he was ready and has let me know.  He can easily remove his diaper and I was finding him on the big potty-I guess that children have their own time table don't they?  He even tried to use his little potty seat standing up like Daddy yesterday and got pee everywhere.  Parenting is an adventure.  The other funny thing is that we are trying to teach him to share.  Jacks had tons of kids over on his birthday and was sharing so well, but the week before I was talking to him about sharing alot.  I was eating my lunch and he walked over to me and said ""Mommy, caniafsum?" (Can I have some) I said "No, Jack-Jack, this is Mommy's food" and then he looked at me and said "Share peez".  Well, there you go, you cannot be hypocritical with kids so he got some of Mommy's lunch.  Now he uses the "share" line to get soda and other adult treats. I thank my Heavenly Father every day for blessing me with this amazing opportunity to parent such a sweet, choice little spirit.  
Will post some pictures of Madilyn later- she will be five months on Wednesday, can you believe it??
Love you all,
PS. Does anyone have suggestions for dealing with mouthy 14 year olds? I got called to be the young women's second counselor and I am having issues with this one girl in particular who has attitude to spare.  I am praying for love but so far the blessing hasn't come yet...

Thursday, February 5, 2009

New Giveaway- Check it out!!

crayon rocks- How cool are these?!?
color in valentines
Ok, so I didn't win the double stroller, an injury I may never recover from, but there is a new giveaway for some cool art supplies for little ones.  Jacks is a burgeoning picasso (trust me- look at my couch and walls) so I am really hoping I win this one!  Keep your fingers crossed for me.
Alright, I guess you can enter too.