Saturday, May 30, 2009

Three Days...Can it be done??

Ok, so I have been a slacker.  Jackson started showing definite signs of potty training readiness around two.  I thought that when a child was truly ready, he would wake up and just tell me he had to go potty. (He is my first to go though potty training) I know, I know, foolish Sara.  I let him wear diapers alot longer than is necessary.  But my recent trip to Arizona has spurred me on.  My awesome friend DeAnna has potty trained her little girl at two, and one day, I asked Jacks if he wanted to "be a big boy and go potty" and he looked at me and declared "No. I diaper." When I tried to place him on the potty he freaked the geek out and started yelling "I want diaper, I baby."
No more little man.  Armed with 2 dozen "Cars" underoos, a jar full of yummy peanut butter M&Ms and Skittles, a Royal Potty Seat and sticker chart, I am going to get him to use the potty if it kills me. Can it be done in three days? Can it be done at all???
I will let my small following of blogspot buddies know...