Tuesday, May 6, 2008

Jack Pics and Ultrasound

Pictures from Jackson's Birthday and our trip to Utah.

Here is a picture of our computer screen with the babies ultrasound pictures on it...I couldn't get them to load. The first is a profile with hands and arms, the second is a straight profile shot. Isn't she beautiful ;)

Overdue Update...

Well, updates...where to start? We passed the dreaded one year anniversary of Angel Day and it was as horrible as I predicted. I just want to take a moment and thank my family and friends who texted or called that day. Justin and I were overcome with love and support and it was nice to feel that we were not alone (special shout out to Brianne for the beautiful album-we love it). Justin and I also had the opportunity to attend the temple the next day (due to scheduling conflicts we had not had time to attend that day) and had a beautiful experience. I don't want to talk about it too much except to say it is so amazing that we have a beautiful place where we can feel so close to our Heavenly Father and feel so close to our angel baby Emma. I left feeling renewed for the challenges we will face again and the hope and knowledge that we can and will be with our daughter again some day.
Justin, Jack, Rachel, Dan, Ryan and myself all made the trek to Provo, Utah for women's conference. My mom, Kami and Nanna got to fly there-lucky ducks-and we met up with them. It is kind of a tradition we go every year and the boys like to tag along to do boy stuff and meet up with former mission companions while the girls learn about "girl stuff"-a line from Justin. We all had a great time. Kudos to my one year old who was in a car for about 22 hours over the space of five days and did as well as you could hope for an active little boy.
Now the exciting part- I was going to do something fun on the blog to make people guess the sex of the baby but less than 5 seconds after "I think it may be a girl" came out of the ultrasound tech's mouth Justin was texting everyone in his contact list so most of you already know. We didn't get the clearest shot-she was being modest and had her legs covering her special parts-but when pressed the ultrasound technician gave us 99% chance of being a girl. We made her go back several times to double, and triple check and even Justin saw the three lines-look it up or use your imagination people, I am not going to explain. She said she saw absolutely no indication of boy parts so either 1. We are having a girl or 2. Our son will be a sad, sad man.
I will attempt to post pictures of the ultrasound up of the pictures I can make out, along with a picture of Jacks at a cool Mayan themed restraunt we went to in Utah. It had cliff divers and everything- so cool! Hope everyone is doing well, please leave me comments, it makes me feel popular and special.