Monday, August 18, 2008

New Updates, Still no pictures

Well, Justin started school and he LOVES it. He even likes doing the readings which confuse and frighten me. Still no internet service because our new landlords have to run the cables through a wall so that the serviceman can access the cable to give us the internet and television, so no pictures yet. GRRR... Jackson and I both had doctors appointment today. He is now 26 lbs, 10 oz (50-75%) and 34 inches tall (90%). He is also brilliant and beautiful says his pediatric nurse practictioner (who is also our landlord). The baby is doing well, no real problems except her mommy just being gigantically pregnant. I look like a barge. It looks like I will be able to schedule my cesarean on the 3rd of October. Oh, funny story, my OB doctor happened to see my garment top as he was checking the baby and admited he is also LDS. He is actually in our ward. A little weird to have sunday school with someone who will see my, um, delicates, but...
In other news, Rachel and Dan have been out visiting my parents so last week we went to a orchard and picked 60 lbs of peaches and 15 lbs of blackberries. Yeah, I know. When we do something, we do it in a big way. Then Rachel, my mom and I all spent the next two days making homemade blackberry jam then canning it and peaches. My Dad saw we were canning and proceeded to bring home two gigantic boxes of fresh tomatoes which we also canned. Prior to this I had thought about picking apples in September at the same farm and canning applesauce and apple butter but I am a canning fool. I don't think I have the mental strength and fortitude to complete another canning marathon. It made me appreciate my mom though, because she used to can and I thought it was so easy...hmmm...I think aging gives you perspective. Jackson loved picking blackberries. He snuck so many he had diarrhea for the next two days. Silly boy. All kidding aside it was really fun though, and made me feel all nesty.
Emma's birthday is today and we had a homemade birthday cake for her. I feel like it is important for my other children to know about her. She was an amazing little girl and I want her brother and sister to know how much we loved her and how much she loves them. Hard day but it was good to stay busy. I know I will not stop loving her and missing her until I get to be with her again.
Well, Love all. Keep the comments rolling in, I love them.

Sunday, August 3, 2008

Ok. I admit it, I am lame...

Ok so I know I haven't posted any pictures for like two months. My parents' internet speed is like a small hamster running on a wheel and our internet has yet to be installed. But because I have had numerous comments left about how lame I am for not posting anything, I am braving the bad internet. Jackson has been a very busy boy- he is growing like a weed and gets funnier everyday. He has also started sloping into the terrible twos-he is advanced for his age :) - so that means more tantrums and mischief making. It is actually really funny he kind of drops where he is at on his knees and then rolls around crying and whining. He is also really into jumping right now- he hops around the house, singing (he will just walk around singing and humming to himself) and coloring. He has enjoyed the fresh Illinois corn and wants to eat his own piece from the cob- it is really cute. This past week we braved the humidity outside where he played in his Elmo splash pad- I will post pictures and I will also post pictures of him at the City Museum in St. Louis which is a giant wherehouse with slides, ball pits, art rooms and an aquarium. Basically it is a little boys dream-Justin had a blast too. Everything is going well with the baby, it looks if I schedule my c-section again it will probably be around October 2 or 3rd. She is a feisty baby already-she will have to be a little scrappy with Jacks around. When I go to the OB she kicks the fetal heart monitor, she kicks the ultrasound machine and generally kicks me all night long. She also has very definite opinions on things-she lets me know when she is unhappy. Justin and I went to see the Dark Knight last week and she let me know she did not approve. I have never had her be that active and kick that hard for 2 1/2 hours straight. The Joker freaked me out and I don't think she liked him either. She also does not enjoy when Jacks attempts to scale my ever expanding belly. The other day when I layed down with him for his nap he and his sister got in a kicking fight with me in the middle. Getting along already...

Justin starts orientation on Wed. the 13th of August and classes start on the 18th. Justin and I will be celebrating our fourth wedding anniversary on the 14th. It is funny to think we have been married four years, so long in some ways and no time has passed in other ways. I still think he is really cute and he knows how I like my peanut butter sandwiches and how to make me laugh, so I think we are doing well. Honestly, I am really grateful I struck the lottery when I met and married him, he is the best father and my best friend, I am glad that he is the man he is. Because of orientation and my current pregnant status, we will not get to get away for our anniversary :( (I think I have been pregnant for every single one of our anniversaries so far...maybe next year ) Maybe he will have something fun planned anyway. Missing everyone back in Arizona-sorry I am a slacker... When our internet finally gets up, I will post pictures of the house and get back to regular contributing. Feel free to drop a comment-I love reading them, they make me feel special- or just call me. Love you all!