Thursday, January 29, 2009

The Storm of the Century

Well, we survived what Rachel dubbed "storm of the century".  We had a huge ice storm followed by snow which meant Daddy had 2 days off from school which means...playing in the snow! Today Jackson could hardly wait for daddy to get home so he could go outside and play.  He put his snow boots over his pjs, put his hat on and told sister and mommy "bye" cause he was going out.  He was so excited to see Daddy at 4 today!


rachanderson said...

Oh my goodness, Jack looks so big! I can't stand it, you guys have to come out for Spring Break. There's no way I can wait til the summer to see you guys.

Deborah said...

We had snow this week, too. It sure looks pretty but it isn't so great to drive in, especially if there is ice, too. How fun that Jack had some fun playing in the snow.