Tuesday, October 28, 2008

Caution... The cuteness of these pictures might melt your brain. Don't say I didn't warn you!

This past weekend, Jack, Madi and Mommy went to Arizona to visit Baby Nate. We went to get pictures with all the kiddos and had a great time. At Grandma Lines' house we had dinner sunday night and all the cousins got together and put on their halloween costumes. Madilyn is the cutest baby bunny ever and Jackson is a scurvy (cute) pirate. Arrggghh... Just to brag on myself, I made both of their costumes and they turned out really good. I will post some closer pictures of Jackson when we go to our ward Halloween party this week. Hope everyone is having a great week. I am happy to report that after the combination of two antibiotics, tylenol and motrin Jackson's ear infection seems to be finally clearing up. Yeah!!!

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Kamarah said...

Can't type much brain partially melted - glad you had a fun az retreat!