Thursday, January 31, 2008


Hi everyone, I haven't posted in a while and I was feeling like a slacker. Well, new updates...Rachel my gorgeous, talented sister in law and her sister Suzanne decided to start a business of making baby quilts (Don't worry, I will link it) I decided to jump in making diapees and wipees cases, baby bags, scripture totes, etc. If you are interested in purchasing some "quality handmade crap" please let me know. Just saw new pictures of the Woolner's baby, she is so cute and makes me jones for little baby stage again. Jack-a-rama, AKA Jack's 1st birthday will be held at my house on the 16th at 1 pm. Please let me know if you didn't get an invitation, I don't have everyone's email. Also, the workers at Buffalo Exchange are involved in reverse discrimination...If you don't have extra holes in your ears, lip, nose or nipple, along with black nail polish and 2 different colors of hair, do not expect to be treated with the same respect that someone with a pink and red mohawk wearing tight jeans and having a spear through your lower lip would. If you would like to hear a story, please let me know. I am trying to be more positive this year...I keep reading this blog that I am addicted too, and everytime I look at it I feel sad, and like I am not good enough. This annonymous person, we'll call her "Leslie Schmarris" seems to have everything, good looks, plenty of ITC (inner thigh clearance-you know when the tops of you thighs don't touch) a cute husband and beautiful daughters and plenty of disposable income. They seem to do things like go mountain lion hunting for example, or run marathons. Things that normal people don't do, but they want to. Anyway, everytime that I see Leslie Schmarris' blog, I feel bad about myself and that I am lacking. One of my new years' resolutions is to stop thinking about "things" to make me happy, and stop comparing myself to others. Working in the ER I have seen people at their worst, and I know that people's lives are never as good as they seem.
Rather than feeling bad about all the things that I don't have (like ITC) I will list the amazing things in my life:
1. A cute, cute husband who I adore, and who thinks after stretch marks, two babies and four years together that I am cute, funny and still likes being around me. I love you hot man-meat!
2. Two of the most amazing people in the world as my children. Jack is so fun, loves his momma, constantly makes me laugh, lets me snuggle him and is cute to boot. Emma was too amazing to keep hanging out in this world, if you had the privelege of meeting her you know that she was sassy, fun, sweet, empathetic (pretty amazing for a nearly 2 year old) and beautiful.
3. The best mommy. ever. 'Nuff said
4. The best sisters ever-I am counting Rachel and Brianne in this, along with Kam and Cristi. You guys ROCK!! Kami, I miss you everyday!
5. The greatest friends ever-special shout out to Deanna-can you believe that we've been friends for like 7 years? Time flies! Love you lots!
6. Ok, so I have really cute hair. Not to be boastful, but it is pretty cute, and now I have Reece Witherspoon bangs.
7. The funnest and cuddliest daddy ever. There is nothing better than making my daddy laugh and watching his belly shake. tee hee
8. Awesome brothers who I love hanging out with. The best is when they were coaching me at guitar funny.
9. A newfound testimony of the principle that families can be together forever. Also, a newfound appreciation for the atonement and for a loving and personal Heavenly Father and Jesus.
10. Chocolate, ice cream and french fries. Ok, seriously, I know God loves us because he gave us amazing tasty treats to eat and not just barley and carrots and stuff.
11. The most loyal and protective dog anyone could ever had. Moose has been with me through the best times and the worse times of my life and she is the best.
Wow, see I already feel better! I appreciate you all...thanks for being a part of this crazy adventure of life with me.


Justin said...

You just won't let go of my 'man-meat' comment, will you?

Glad to see that you have so many things to be grateful for.

That 'Leslie Schmarris' doesn't have a hot piece of man-meat. . .oh, wait. She does. He's the mountain-lion-hunting jock. Nevermind. But just remember with all that disposable income comes a vapidity and shallowness you'll never experience.

The Carpenter Family said...

Sara...I love you lots too! Has it really been that long? Thanks! "Leslie Scharris" makes me feel like that too sometimes but I have just learned that to look at her and the blog a be okay with the fact that we are different. Plus...she has great fashion tips that are fun to look at. :)

rachanderson said...

Some people may have cool trips and photos of themselves looking better than others, but you have an adorable family who loves you sooo much, and the cutest kiddo on earth, right now........sorry, but I'm still kinda biased.
And normal people can hunt mountain lions too. My grandpa did, with his hound dogs. He collected bounties from ranchers whose livestock were being preyed on. And he was pretty normal. Reeaaallllllyyyyy cool, but also pretty nomal.
And you have a way cool sister-in-law who ropes you into new and exciting schemes. And who will make frybread for you, if you ask nice. (Or a nice blankie, if you don't ask nice!)
Way to go, on the positivity, good luck, and God bless

Dan said...

Hi another posting of the wonderful and journalistically sound, Anonymous

NUMBER 8!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
How is it possible that you could rank the most incredible man ever to walk this earth, save Christ and the prophets and junk, as NUMBER 8! Wow, the sheer blasphemy of it all is enough to check for rain clouds hovering over your home, waiting for that last lightning strike that will purge the sinner from this world. Number 8...NUMBER 8!!!! I can't fathom as to how such a wonderful man as Dan would be oh-so-cool as to be ranked as maybe number 8... What you can't think of anything else like plagues and locus to list in his place? Number 8....I digress, I truly am happy that the wonderful tasty treats was able to make the list. Oh come on!!!!! Number 8!!!!!!!!!! You listed your hair before him!!!! I don't understand why you can't list him up there with your sisters. I mean, he definitely is a man, but he has feminine qualities too. I suppose I shouldn't go down this particular avenue, but he should be listed higher (and he is a man...really). I would say he definitely should be a number 4 on your list. Anyway, I truly hope this gross miscalculation will be remedied.

Dan said...

Bad brother, checkin in.

AdamsFamilyGreatestHits said...

I agree your dog is awesome! That curly hair made me want to get a perm again. Good post! And PS, its true you do have cute hair.

rachanderson said...

Anonymous.....Just to clarify, it's NOT all about YOU!!!!

The Woolner Family said...

What a great New Year's resolution. Why do we compare ourselves with others anyway? And who needs ITC--that just means there's less to love.