Wednesday, November 7, 2007

Balloon, Balloon (in french accent)

We went out to dinner at sweet tomatoes and Jack got his very own balloon. It was love at first sight!!


Dan said...

Hi Sara
Long time listener 1st time writer, I truly look forward to each and every blog that you post. I do however want to know a little bit more about that brother of yours, you know...whats his name. The really hot one, oh thats right Dan! Please any information you may have would be a blessing to my life. Thank you very much!!! Oh, and that bib that Jack is wearing, what exactly does it say and what is it referring to? Thank you, please keep me posted! =D


The Carpenter Family said...

Hey fellow blogger! The costume was amazing you did a killer job!Look forward to keep in touch this is really fun! talk to you soon!